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Feb. 27th, 2012

Sorry I haven't updated in a while! Real life was getting to me. And right now, I'm sick with a cold and on my period. Not the best combo. >_<

I've been thinking, it's almost time for my paid account to run out. I don't think I'm going to renew it. LJ's staff has been angering me lately, and anyway...LJ's a lot less active than before. Oh, I'll stick around; I check this site everyday. It's just that I don't want to spend more money on a place that isn't as active as it used to be. Thankfully, my family isn't as badly off as before when it comes to money, but we're still making significantly less than before when Mom used to work. (And working in the medical field, she made quite a bit.) I could use some of that money for other stuff. LIKE ANIMU.

S-sob, but I'll miss all those icons....

Who knows, I'll probably renew it again at another time. You never know what happens.

My birthday's next month. I'm guessing we'll just do the usual trip to that awesome mall. (God, that's pathetic. ;;;) I was thinking of asking for a Wacom tablet. I hope we can afford one. 

I totally deleted that last entry, btw. I thought it was too angsty and the meme part of it too boring. So here we go again!

17. Favorite tsundere

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...I wrote a huge rage-filled rant here but I'm too afraid to actually post it, so...

Um...I had a nice Hot Pocket! It was spicy though.

I've been listening to a lot of Vocaloid music lately. I really love them. More on that later. XD

16. Anime with the best art style

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Happy belated Valentine's Day!

We went food shopping yesterday. (Yes, I know that's the most boring news ever, but there really isn't much going on in my non-fandom real life. oAo;;;) I received two boxes of Valentines chocolate from my parents. I should feel a little pathetic for that, but screw it, free chocolate. XD

Lately, I've been feeling little motivation to do anything. I want to write, but words won't come to my head. I wanna draw, but there's no way to show you guys. Aaaah.

Hong Kong's song is out, and it's WONDERFUL. I just want to dance to it.

And, if the rumor's correct, then I stand corrected from before...


Aaaaaaaaaah. <3333

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15. Best side character/minor character
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Feb. 11th, 2012

I had a very weird dream. In it, I was going to be given an award, and so my Mom and I went to the dollar store and bought this really expensive dress. (?) It was red and glittery. And then I was putting it on and I was so nervous, 'cause I didn't know if we were supposed to get dressed up for the award ceremony or not, so I started crying and then I woke up.

...I must've had some funky coffee.

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Dude, we're already running out of food. WHAT THE HELL. So I'm getting anxious over that. My family's giving me so many pimples, I swear....

14. Current (or most recent) anime wallpaper

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Ai no Uta.

Today's the Madoka dub premiere on NicoNico! *^*

I'm currently cleaning up my icons and replacing them with new ones. I just love icons~

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13. An anime you didn’t think you’d like but ended up enjoying

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Feb. 8th, 2012

They recently went grocery shopping, so now my house has food. Yesss. =w=

I might get some animanga soon - I had to decide between volumes 2 and 3 of the Sailor Moon manga, or the first Utena box set. I picked the former. 

However, I'm worried. I've heard of several fans who have gotten copies of volume 3 that were missing about 20 whole pages. And without the accidental missing pages, there seems to be some intentional ones; apparently Kodansha removed some of the extra strips by Takeuchi, which has angered some fans since Kodansha said they'd keep the North American editions of the manga the same as the original.

I hope mine's will be okay. ;_;

...Is Himaruya okay? I know he said he was busy, stating that along with Chibisan Date, he also had some extra Hetalia stuff to work on - the Comic Birz serialization will start to have more pages, and I've heard talk of another Hetalia book about to come out (volume 5? something else?) and Comic Spica #5, as I mentioned before, will have a 100 question interview with him as well, which may have also taken some of his time. But...he hasn't updated at all for quite a while. I don't care if he finishes the Christmas event or not; I just really hope he's okay, and if he's not busy doing work right now, that he's at least relaxing.

12. An anime that you plan on watching

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Feb. 4th, 2012

HOMG. Someone did a massive Buon San Valentino spam on tumblr, and I'm just so bubbly after that. OuO

Moar anime news: The first episode of Madoka Magica, English dubbed, will premiere live on NicoNico on February 10th. Available in Japan, the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Yesssss.

I told myself that I shouldn't finish Utena until I can get the third box set. It might be a while, but I hope I can accomplish my goal.

But man, the trailer. Aaah, epic.

Also, in tiny life news, we had Coca-Cola. I squeed. (It's been a while, okay?)

11. Favorite mech series

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Feb. 2nd, 2012

Himaruya's going to answer 100 questions in the 5th issue of Comic Spica, the mag Chibisan Date runs in. (In fact, it's in celebration of the second volume of Chibide coming out later this month.)  I look forward to it. And the hope that Chibisan Date's later chapters will ever be translated, s-sob...

I watched the SNSD performances online. They were amazing. <3 I'm a bad fan, because I didn't even know they were releasing a U.S. album, but then again I am a newb, so it's okay.

10. Favorite slice of life anime

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My Hetalia amigos

Hong Kong's getting a character song!

I wonder what it'll be about, though? XD

I think there's another person who's supposed to get a song too - if they wanted to keep the theme, they could choose Taiwan, but...as much as I want one, I doubt they'll do one for her at the moment. HK has the advantage of showing up in the anime recently while Taiwan's only showed up in a drama CD, and that was quite a while ago.

Maybe Seychelles? Or Canada, or Estonia or Latvia. It's supposed to be someone who hasn't sung yet.

Also, SNSD is going to appear on US television tonight and tomorrow morning, on Letterman's show and Live with Kelly respectively. AND THIS MAKES ME HAPPY. Why don't we have a TV? ;3; I mean, I know it'll be uploaded online eventually, but it's not the same as seeing it live.

9. Saddest Anime Scene

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I've heard some news over at tumblr by a Japanese fan who said that Gen Urobuchi appeared live on a NicoNico two nights ago and gave more information on the Madoka Magica film trilogy.

The first two films, as we know, are recaps of the anime. The third film, however, will be a sequel to the second, so we'll know what happened in the ending with Homura and her wings. Also, it's said that the film will have a happy ending.

Oh, and all this will probably happen in 2013, maybe. At least we have the PSP game and (for us Amurikans) the dub to hold us over for a while. There's also that mobile game, which I hear has some shiptease too!

I'm happy. ;u; Though there's some fanwank with the "happy ending" part, which I don't get. The original anime ended on a  bittersweet note, yes, but...bittersweet. It was sad, but it also ended on a hopeful note, or at least that's how I saw it. I don't think a happy ending ruins the franchise; and besides, we don't quite know what a "happy ending" entails. So maybe it'll still be bittersweet in the end, just less so.

Speaking of Madoka, there's some dub cast videos on Aniplex's channel. The voice actresses seem lovely, though you can tell they're trying to be as vague as possible telling the story. XD I assume one day they'll do Homura, Kyoko, and maybe Kyubey. I'm especially curious as to how those go. (I also sorta lol'd when the voice director mentioned that he had watched the first three episodes in order to decide if he wanted to take care of the dub, and just "something" about it got him interested. Yes... "something". XD)

8. Most epic scene ever

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