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A lot of good news!
I'm glad Higa got more say on the anime. I know mangaka don't hold a lot of power over anime adaptations as it is (unless they're big names, and even then...), but her not even receiving information about the anime production is awful. (It turned out her editors were approving things without her permission so it may not have been the anime company's fault, but yeah.)

I watched the first few episodes of Samurai 7 on IFC. I didn't get to see the entire series, so I don't know if I'd consider it a good series or a bad one, but I'm glad it's getting a chance on Toonami. I also hope Toonami's ratings are doing okay.

Lastly, I'm glad Himaruya's updating his blog again. I knew he wasn't completely gone from the scene - he was still doing the Birz strips, plus Chibisan Date, and work on volume 5 - but it's good to know that he wasn't going to abandon the blog like I secretly worried he would. (...Possibly an overreaction.) As for season 5 of the Hetalia anime - I'll watch it when the first episode comes out, but yeah, I'm a little worried. Maybe it'll turn out okay and I'm overreacting again. L-let's just hope?

Personal life stuff...I got stung by a wasp today. It came in through Dad's car window and it landed in my hair and I freaked out because I don't know a lot about wasps and I didn't know if getting stung by one could be deadly or not. It stung me on the clavicle. I'm doing okay, though.


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Aww. /hugs
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